Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering being one of the largest and fastest growing industries, covering a wide range of applications we use daily, and with evidence in Uganda that the industrial sector of the economy is expanding rapidly hence an increasing demand for qualified technical human resource suitable to work in industrial setups, Mbarara University Faculty of Applied Science and Technology is in to address the demand.

Graduates from this department can pursue careers in Manufacturing sector, Financial Services, Engineering Consultancy broadcast and telecommunication systems, electric motors, controls of machinery, lights and wiring in building complexes, vehicles, aircraft, radar and navigation systems, power generation, control and transmission devices which are used by electric utilities. They may also work in fields which relate to computers and IT.

Courses under the department

  1. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Currently running under Institute of Computer Science)
  3. Bachelor of Electronic and Communication Engineering