Dr. Johnes Obungoloch

Dr. Johnes Obungoloch
Teaching Staff
Senior Lecturer / Dean

Dr. Obungoloch is a lecturer in the department of Biomedical Engineering at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). He has broad experience working with medical technologies. He has expertise in installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment and he was previously the head of the equipment repair workshop at (MUST).

Dr. Obungoloch has a background in Biomedical Engineering with specific interests in appropriate medical technologies, especially for low and middle-income countries. He has contributed to the establishment of Biomedical engineering in Uganda having been part of the team that started the first Biomedical Engineering Program at Kyambogo University in 2011. He laid the ground work for the establishment of Biomedical Engineering at MUST.

As part of his Ph.D. research, Dr. Obungoloch developed an infant size low field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, which is suitable for applications in low resource countries for diagnosis of some ailments such as hydrocephalus.   In collaboration with The Pennsylvania State University and Delft University of Technology, Dr. Obungoloch is implementing this technology in Uganda.

Dr. Obungoloch is a member of the Uganda National Association of Medical and Hospital Engineers (UNAMHE), an association that brings together all engineers working in the medical industry in Uganda.


2017:               Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW) Award

2017:               NIH Award for developing sustainable MRI

2014:               CAMTech Innovator Launch Award

2014:               Winner, sustainable medical Technology, Penn State University

Ongoing research

Development of ultra-low field MRI system for infant hydrocephalus 01/2018-Dec/2020. Motivated by the need for low cost, non-ionizing imaging system, this technology is aimed at providing inexpensive MRI diagnostic imaging in low-income countries.



Other research interests

Sustainable medical technologies

Medical technology management

Medical waste management


Tel: +256775646497/+256756 111275

Email: jobungoloch@must.ac.ug/obungoloch@gmail.com