Theodora Twongyirwe Mondo

Theodora Twongyirwe Mondo
Administration, Teaching Staff
Senior Lecturer / Dean

Ms. Mondo is an Industrial Engineer by Profession and a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology. She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology and the administrative head of the Faculty. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Systems with research focus in Decision Support Systems in the Manufacturing Sector of Small Medium Scale Enterprises.

Ms. Mondo is an advocate and passionate about Technology innovation and Transfer, Innovative Engineering Education, strengthening Academia – Industry Relations, strengthening Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Women in Science and Technology.


She Teaches Undergraduate Courses in Engineering Project Planning and Management, Engineering Thermodynamics, Maintenance Engineering, Production Management, Decision Support Systems, Technical Report Writing and Ethics and Professional Issues in Engineering.


She has a passion for other crossing cutting Industrial Engineering areas including Productivity improvement, Operational efficiency, Quality Control and Cleaner Production Systems in Small Medium Scale Enterprises.