Activities of MUESA

Activities organized by MUESA are both academic programs and those beyond the classroom with interests to fulfill the objectives of the association. These include;

Innovation cafes

These are monthly social gatherings that bring together students, academic staff, business persons and the community aimed at brain storming challenges and innovative solutions to address challenges in our society

Community Outreach Programs

These are activities that engage the community to create awareness about the engineering programs offered at FAST as well as integrating our students into the community.

Sports Galla

The galla engages our students in different sport activities such as, football, athletics, in-door games etc. These enhance social networking amongst our students, staff and society.

Health week

This is an annual event that promotes the well-being of our students and staff. Health check-ups conducted include; HIV testing and counseling, blood donations, blood pressure testing, cancer screening, health talks and first aid tips etc

Social celebrations

These include a number of getting together events such as Fresher’s welcome cocktail and Finalists’ dinner. This is an annual welcome and farewell celebrations organized to welcome and congratulate our freshmen and final year students respectively. These are done in the first and final semester for any student academic cohort for a particular intake at FAST.

Other activities

  • Professional Program
    • Engineering Design and Innovation Program
    • Student Volunteer Program
    • Professional Development Workshops and Seminars
    • Annual Engineering Design and Innovation Challenge
    • Guest Lecturers
    • Webinars
    • Trips to the National Engineering Society Conference(s) and Industry
  • Social
    • Fresher’s Welcome Cocktail
  • Beyond the Classroom
    • Entrepreneurship,