Bendicto Bukyana

Bendicto Bukyana
Teaching Staff
Senior Lab. Technician

Academic Background:

Bendicto Bukyana is Mechanical Engineering Graduate, with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Kyambogo University, Uganda. He also holds a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from UTC-Kyema, Masindi, Uganda

Work Experience:

Bendicto is currently a Senior Laboratory Technician in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology(FAST),

Bendicto served as a Laboratory technician in the Department of Energy, Minerals  and Petroleum Studies, FAST, from 2020 to 2021

Before joining MUST, Bendicto had worked with Victoria Engineering Limited as Mechanical Engineer, for a period of seven(7) years.

Areas of interest:

His special areas of specialization are: Welding and Fabrication, Thermodynamics, Engineering Drawing, Mechanics, Energy and Materials science

Courses taught:

Workshop Practice

Engineering drawing