Dr.Wasswa William

Dr.Wasswa William
Teaching Staff
Head of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Department/Assistant Lecturer


Dr. William Wasswa is an assistant lecturer at Mbarara University in the department of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. He holds a first class Honors Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering (BCE) awarded by Mbarara University and a masters of medical science in Biomedical Engineering (MMedSc.BME) of University of Cape Town (UCT) completed with a distinction. His master’s research was to develop a tool for 3D approximation of a human scapula from 2D X-ray images. This research addressed the challenges associated with 3D medical imaging which include high costs and ionizations radiations from CT. He is currently persuing his PhD in Biomedical Imaging working on automated diagnosis and classification of cervical cancer from Pap smear images. This research will be a step in low cost automated early diagnosis of cervical cancer and cervical cancer oncology. This research plays a significant role to the research agenda of the department of Biomedical Engineering which include designing low cost Labs on chips diagnostic kits. The output of this research and my master’s research will be inputs to the application of microfluidics in medical diagnosis which will be future projects for the department of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering.

He has valuable skills and experience in Research Design both for qualitative and quantitative research, proposal writing, monitoring and evaluation, sampling methods, statistics, community engagement, policy and knowledge translation, oral and poster presentation, data analysis and tools, telemedicine, eLearning, Medical Imaging, Medical Physics and applications of Machine Learning techniques in Automated Oncology and softwares design and development.

Research interest

Microfluidics, cancer genesis, diagnosis & treatment, Biomechanics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Biorisk Management, Medical imaging, Healthy informatics, Red biotechnology, Personal health information systems, Global healthy, Database systems, Decision support systems, Computer networks, Data Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Biostatistics information technology, ICT for health & Education.


Research Publications.

  1. Journal of Medical Devices 2016. X-Ray-Width Limiting Device. Special Section Technical Briefs 10 (2). (Device Patented)
  2. Interactive patient-specific 3D approximation of scapula bone shape from 2D X-ray images using landmark-constrained statistical shape model fitting
  3. A Low Cost Lecture Webcasting Platform for Limited Bandwidth: Towards an Integrated Platform for an Engineering Curriculum Content Sharing and Management among Universities.
  4. Medical Devices Management System, A web approach: Towards an efficient medical device maintenance and calibration trucking in hospitals.
  5. Applications of Machine learning and Medical Imaging techniques in the diagnosis and classification of cervical cancer from pap-smear images: A review article