Mr. Silagi Wanambwa

Mr. Silagi Wanambwa
Teaching Staff
Assistant Lecturer/Head of Department Energy, Mineral and Petroleum Studies

Mr. Silagi Wanambwa holds a Master of Science in Oil and Gas Engineering from China University of Petroleum, East China and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Makerere University, Uganda. “The Experimental Study of In-Situ Generated Carbon dioxide Foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery”, was the research focus during the Master’s Degree study and provided rich knowledge in production engineering, reservoir engineering, drilling engineering and geology with a practical perspective.

Personal Summary

Seek to enhance skills in engineering and management as well as build research capabilities that can provide solutions to real-life industry challenges in order to develop new technologies and materials for use in creation or improvement of products and services.


Mr. Silagi is currently an Assistant Lecturer/Head of Department Energy, Mineral and Petroleum Studies teaching courses related to Petroleum Engineering and Environmental Management as well as Mechanical Engineering.

Research Interests

Waste Management, Improving the Effectiveness of Cementitious Materials in Concrete through Investigation of Particle Characteristics and Reactivity, In-Situ Generation of Carbon dioxide Foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Digital Core Analysis.

Research Publications

  • Songyan Li, Chenyu Qiao, Zhaomin Li, Silagi Wanambwa. Properties of carbon dioxide foam stabilized by hydrophilic nanoparticles and hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide published in Energy & Fuels, 2017, 31 (2), 1478 – 1488
  • Fei Wang, Zhaomin Li, Hailong Chen, Qichao Lv, Wanambwa Silagi, Zhuo Chen. Fractal characterization of dynamic structure of foam transport in porous media published in the Journal of Molecular Liquids 241 (2017) 675-683

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
  • Foundation in Engineering
  • Applied Geology
  • Thermodynamics

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