Natukunda Faith

Natukunda Faith
Teaching Staff
Assistant Lecturer/Head of Department Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Faith is currently an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology and is the Head of Department of the same.

She has a BSc. Mechanical Engineering and a MSc. Energy Engineering.  She is currently pursuing her PhD in Engineering where she is studying the nature and effect of thermal loading on a Low Field Magnetic Resosnance System designed for diagnosis of hydrocephalus in infants. She is also  designing a thermal management system for the same in order to make such technologies available in resource constrained areas.

Faith is also part of a team that is assessing the potential of wind energy and designing a novel wind blade which is both efficient in performance and environmentally friendly in its life cycle.

Some of her research interests include Thermal Science and Fluid Mechanics, the Science of Materials including biomaterials, Renewable Energy particularly geothermal,  bioenergy, wind and solar thermal, Energy Recovery from waste and Engineering and Bio-mechanics.


Faith Natukunda, Theodora M. Twongyirwe, Steven J. Schiff, J. Obungoloch, “Approaches in Cooling of Resistive Coil-based Low-field Magnetic Resonance Systems (MRI) for Application in Low Resource Settings”.

Faith Natukunda, Pall Valdimarason, “Market Opportunities for the Direct Use of Low Temperature Geothermal Heat in Uganda” Proceedings, 7th African Rift Geothermal Conference Kigali, Rwanda